Gaja Caruso

Gaja Caruso is a professional dancer and maker. Having grown up in a small town in Slovenian mountains, she derives a lot of her inspiration from nature, sense of community, storytelling and rituals. Her work is characterised by usage of games, improvisation and creating an immersive multidisciplinary performative experience for both the performer as well as the audience.

Upon her graduation at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Gaja joined the Poetic Disasters Club of Club Guy and Roni as a part of creation of ‘Before/After’. In 2021 she began working towards becoming an independent maker and performer. She premiered her first performance, a ritual dance with her infant daughter, ‘The Lamb, The Fly, The Tiger’, in September 2022 at Grand Theatre.

“I am interested in seeing performers as people on stage. I am interested to see people who are enjoying the activity they are doing on the stage. I want to see honest formation of relation which is fluent and open to variations. I do not want stability, I want balance. Balance is fluid and ever forming in constant contrasts of change. I believe spirit is more important than style.”